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A business owner "double-bounce"

What would you do with more velocity?

Close-up photo of springs on a trampoline that will stretch even further if you invite a second person to jump at just the right time to achieve the "double-bounce"
Photo by Schanin on Pixabay

During a call with several peer coaches in one of the Akimbo Workshops last week, we were talking about how fun it used to be to bounce on the backyard trampoline.

Trampolines are made for high flight.

I always looked on in amazement as I watched people bounce, flip over and over, and land on their feet. Some people were just naturally good at bouncing themselves high enough to pull off these amazing stunts. It was inspiring to watch.

One day, I noticed something interesting about the ones who went the highest.

They weren't on the trampoline by themselves.

That wasn't the most interesting part, though.

It was the work of the other person that was so fascinating.

That second person was watching the "flyer". At just the right time, they took a leap that drove the trampoline's springy surface down.

The flyer's decent carried them past the trampoline's normal resting plane. It carried them further down than the flyer alone could have traveled.

It was only possible because their partner had already begun to stretch the surface.

As the flyer brought even more downward pressure to an already stretched surface, the compound effect of both jumpers extended the springs and weave to the maximum possible inflection.

And then it happened.

The double-bounce.

The weave pushed back. Hard. And, when it did, it sent the flyer sailing into the sky.

The added height provided enough velocity to do an even more spectacular trick.


It reminds me of the work we do as coaches.

I hear people ask "why should I hire somebody to tell me what I already know" while others wonder "what's a coach going to do that I can't do myself?"

There's likely nothing wrong with what they know or what they can do. In fact, if that's working and the results are what they want, coaching probably isn't for them.

But there's also a chance they just haven't been ready for the double-bounce experience.

If you're the kind of business owner or executive who yearns for higher flight, perhaps it is worthwhile to invite someone onto the spring loaded mat of your business.

Will it be scary? Maybe.

Exhilarating? Perhaps.

You never know what's possible until you try.

Here are some things to consider about inviting a coach to partner with you:

  • What might you be missing that they can help you see?

  • Where might a generous nudge give you space to try something new?

  • What dark corner might be filled with light

The opportunity to try new things is part of the fun of owning a business! If it has been a while since you felt that spark, what might a double-bounce feel like now?

Coaches like me always enjoy the opportunity to talk to business owners and see how we can help. Sometimes, we're the right person to climb onto the trampoline with you. Other times, we're not. Either way, we love to hear more about the work and aspirations. Why not reach out and see what's possible?


Paravelle offers executive coaching services to founders and CEOs with big growth goals. It's a crucial support structure that helps leaders avoid the negative results that come from being lonely at the top.

We might be a good fit to work together if you're:

  • at the create (<1M ARR), build ($1-3M ARR), or grow ($3-5M ARR) stage,

  • curious and looking for ideas and answers, and

  • ready to invest in working with a collaborator that brings a co-founder's perspective (without losing half your equity).

Let's chat!


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