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Executive Coaching Case Study
SPI Media and Paravelle

About Smart Passive Income (SPI) Media

Pat Flynn founded Smart Passive Income (SPI) Media to share his entrepreneurial journey. SPI began to grow quickly as aspiring creators and business owners started following along, Matt Gartland soon joined the team as co-founder and served as a key growth catalyst. Together with their team, they create and maintain a vibrant ecosystem that elevates entrepreneurs so they can reach their dreams.

Executive Coaching Goals and Strategy

In late 2020, SPI started exploring ideas for additional new program offerings within the SPI Pro community. The initial goal was to explore frameworks and implementation strategies for an individualized coaching offering within the community.

As the community continued to grow, both Matt and Pat began to see opportunities for role transitions. Our coaching goals expanded to support the SPI team's efforts in charting a path to elevate core team members into key leadership positions. With a preliminary path identified, our coaching goals shifted again to supporting the implementation of the transition plans.

As the CEO, Matt also desired to have a collaborative partner who would serve as a sounding board and assist in advancing the leadership team's efforts.

Executive Coaching Results

We worked together through many facets of the new program. During the process, the SPI team decided to delay launching the new offering. The alternate timeline would allow the community to continue to grow to a point at which a launch would have increased possibility of success.

In the process, staffing changes occurred. This created an opportunity for Pat and Matt to assess options for a new leadership team structure. As we worked through the process, Pat was able to step further into an advisory role and further out of the many daily operational roles he held. This freed Matt to fully step into the CEO role as a strategic milestone on his own path toward the goal of transitioning into a fully advisory role.

Matt Gartland SPI Media.jpeg

"You construct a very conducive space to explore ideas, allow them to collide, and go through the messy process of's rare in working with executive coaches, consultants, and professionals."

Matt Gartland

Co-Founder and CEO

SPI Media

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