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What is Coaching
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Guys Who Do Stuff - Episode 25, Season 1

Get Your Ideas Out of Your Head - and Into Action, with David Bates

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01:28 – Transition from executive to entrepreneur.

05:27 – The difference between coaching and consulting.

08:38 - What is the difference between ICF Coaching and not ICF Coaching?

10:47 – What does an executive coach do?

12:39 – What’s the number one indicator of success for coaching?

16:22 – When do you hire an executive coach?

18:31 - What’s the difference between listening and hearing?

20:05 – At what stage of business is coaching most helpful?

25:02 - What does working with an executive coach look like?

27:53 – When do you know you’re ready for an executive coach?

29:11 – What guarantees do coaches make?

31:58 – Is coaching different than the formulas you get from books and consultants?

34:13 – What does it cost to have an executive coach?

35:51 – How did  you get into coaching and consulting?

39:43 – How to find a coach that’s aligned with you.

41:14 – How important is it to hire a coach that has done the same thing as me?

43:38 – How do I find a coach or consultant?

45:01 - Conclusion.

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