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Leading with integrity - Leadership talk - Ep.102
How To Use Your Core Values the Right Way, with David Bates

Key Leadership Topics by Timestamp


00:02:58 - Welcome

00:06:57 – Company Similarities and Differences.

00:09:14 – The importance of communication in leadership success.

00:10:46 – How “soft skills” are like tires on a car.

00:12:36 – Surviving high pressure leadership challenges.

00:17:49 – The leadership power of staying calm and asking the right questions.

00:19:23 – Emotional Intelligence in Leadership.

00:21:25 – Leading for Return On Investment, not just Return Of Investment.

00:24:23 - Addressing toxic performers and toxic workplaces.

00:28:02 – The right way to use a performance improvement plan (PIP)

00:30:01 – Leadership is cultivating the conditions for people to flourish.

00:35:34 - Why are Core Values critical to leadership success and not just buzzwords?

00:39:16 - The role of core values and how to define them.

00:43:59 – Core Values and Company Culture.

00:46:44 - Living Core Values and Leading By Example.

00:49:24 – Great Leadership Examples.

00:59:51 - The power and benefit of leaders who help others feel seen.

01:02:02 – The leadership trap of seeking “discretionary contribution”.

01:05:52 – Keeping the balance of learning from negative – and positive - examples.

01:12:15 - Learning from famous leaders or ones you have context with.

01:15:25 - Closing

Mentions in this Podcast

Let's stop calling them 'soft skills'. Seth Godin.

Target fixation (wikipedia)

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