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Will coaching save my business?

Photo of an orange life saving ring hanging on the rope railing of a ship in green ocean water suggesting there's a life saving aspect of coaching.
Photo by Bluesnap on Pixabay

During difficult times, we search for assurance.

Assurance that we’ll find a “new” normal. Assurance that everything is going to be ok.

We’re often caught between the struggle of what’s happening today and the vision we have for the future.

It can be a challenging place as an individual.

As a business owner, it can lead to all sorts of extra fear and concern.

  • Will my business survive?

  • How can I take care of these people who depend on me?

  • What should I do next? How can I know? Who can help me when I’m supposed to be the one who knows what to do?

At the time I’m writing this, we’re experiencing an unprecedented and worldwide public health crisis that’s leading down the dark corridors of economic hardship. Governments are enacting policies and payments designed to soften the blow. Company owners and leaders are working hard to treat their staff well while recognizing the very real impact of slowing sales on the P&L and balance sheet.

There’s another truth here.

Business owners and leaders face the uncomfortable reality that building a sustainable and thriving business is difficult work. On a good day. One in which there’s no global pandemic or worldwide recession. The statistics show this is true.

When things aren’t going as you expect them to, what options do you have?

No. Coaching won’t save your business when things aren't going well.

You probably can though.

In fact, you can probably help it thrive.

When you hire an experienced business or executive coach, you are making a decision to be open about what you’re not seeing. You are showing yourself that you’re smart enough to see when a new strategy is likely to help. You’re proving that learning and adapting are essential parts of how you’ve grown your business to this point.

Working with an executive coach is about being open to new possibilities. Executive and business coaches don’t have the answers. They might have experience and insight that will be helpful and that’s a bonus if they do.

Coaching is about learning to see in new ways. It is about being open to trying new things.

It is about trusting someone from the outside to ask you hard questions – the ones everybody in your team is afraid to ask – and being willing to think equally hard about the answers.

Coaching won’t save your business. But an experienced executive coach might be just what you need to save it yourself.


Paravelle offers executive coaching services to founders and CEOs with big growth goals. It's a crucial support structure that helps leaders avoid the negative results that come from being lonely at the top.

We might be a good fit to work together if you're:

  • at the create (<1M ARR), build ($1-3M ARR), or grow ($3-5M ARR) stage,

  • curious and looking for ideas and answers, and

  • ready to invest in working with a collaborator that brings a co-founder's perspective (without losing half your equity).

Let's chat!


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